Data Analytics Consulting

Data holds un seen insights which unlocks hidden opportunities and insights, NetProphets Data Consulting services can help you reveal these hidden opportunities by providing business intelligence and analytic solutions

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Case Studies – Data Analytics

Financial Benchmarking for a UK Based Client

A real estate company based out in the UK was looking to benchmark the best real estate companies in the UK. NetProphets has helped the company has taken up the mandate to benchmark the industry by using DEA Analysis, wherein inputs and outputs were utilized to Benchmark the whole industry and identify the most optimal performing companies along with identifying cost points which needed to be optimized to become the most optimal in the industry.

Financial Forecasting

A financial firm based out in the UK was looking to forecast costs and profits for firms on the basis of their previous balance sheet figures and for the same, NetProphets used polynomial and ARIMA forecasting to predict these figures on the basis of the previous year’s figures.

Online Sentiment Analysis for a Leading NGO

A leading NGO in the country was looking to understand the online sentiments of its user base on the social network sites for the same, NetProphets utilized data mining and concepts of NLP and n grams to achieve the same.