Virtual Learning Platform that offers Continuous Excellence in the quiet of homes and personal spaces

MML provides continuous learning, continuous interaction and continuous operations. This mission of continuous excellence is for any learning environment - whether an established institution or a new online business.

Uplift your students’ learning journeys and create continuous content engagement. Integrate multimedia, build innovative practice tests and assess student progress as they advance towards set learning outcomes.

Create an active learning environment where students can continuously interact and collaborate with each other. They can do so privately, in groups and in discussion forums. They may be alone, but always connected to a larger community.

We have developed an easy to administer, white labelled solution that allows your academic institution to place its own branding and banners, along with Academic, ERP and Payment and other external integrations. You are assured of a comprehensive platform for continuation of existing operations or the creation of new ones in the emerging digital medium.

Solution is for:

  • K12 School Learning
  • University LMS
  • Corporate Training Product
  • Coaching Center Platform
  • Online EdTech Businesses

Platform features : mission of Continuous Excellence

  • Branded/White-labelled Platform
  • Allows for External API Integrations
  • Live Classrooms
  • Course Authoring
  • Course Delivery
  • Personalized Learning
  • Examinations & Assessments
  • Classroom Interaction
  • Student Messaging Systems
  • Reporting & Analytics


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