20 years and counting… our story is both irrelevant and exciting

Let’s do irrelevant!... so with Information Technology going the way it is these days, who knows what’s relevant anyway? Change seems to be happening on a daily basis. What was in ‘in’ yesterday is ‘out’ today and that type of thing. We have found that change has been a great teacher. It has shown us that celebrating achievements is only a short term high. And the morning after is a sobering reality. That nobody really cares. A good show is forgotten quickly, only for a new one to begin. That’s why more than yesterday, and the last 20 years of good work, what is more relevant is our focus on tomorrow.

Which brings us to the exciting!... we are excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow is for the young – and we have 200 of them. Tomorrow is for a group of highly talented engineers - and we are going full stack skill set by end of 2022. Tomorrow is for those who can and will execute to new technologies - and we have set up our own Center of Excellence, headed by energetic 20 something year olds, who promise to keep us abreast of change. Finally, tomorrow is about being able to take chances and God knows we have failed too many times to not be prepared to know what that means. So yes, we are excited. We are NetProphets.


IT Company Noida

Our mission is to constantly innovate with changing technology and architecting and building imaginative solutions. We look to infuse new energy to brands and business allowing them to scale and stay ahead in their industry. To do this we need to evolve, re-train, look ahead and keep questioning ourselves. Each project undertaking is a partnership with our clients and working with them to reimagine their digital investments. This is not so much by choice but by purpose. Where our best people collaborate and help recognise and celebrate change created by competitive pressures.

So when we say “let us create Technology for Change”, what we mean is to understand the business problem and create a workable and sustainable design, with clearly articulated business outcomes.

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