A Digital Personal Guide that streams Video content in an Internet free zone

Visitors to our Museums in U.P can receive an audio visual experience of the collections of rare and significant sculptures, ancient objects and classical paintings, directly on their mobile phones.

Visitors can walk through the Museum with their mobile phone in hand and learn about the selected artefact.Our especially created and curated videos on the artefacts provide a detailed historical walk through of the artefacts and their significance in Indian history.

Moreover, there is no bandwidth or data consumption, as the solution has been powered via a local area wifi called NETLESS. Visitors can walk around, press on the selected artefact (marked on the app in colour) and enjoy the museum experience. Through the use of close-up photography, animation and special effects we have brought to life selected historical objects to create an engaging and immersive experience for our visitors.

The app also features a graphic floor plan of the Museum with views of each Gallery. Our selected set of significant sculptures, ancient objects and rare paintings have been marked within each Gallery View, where with a single tap you are presented an educative 3-minute video of this highlighted artefact.

Project Modules

Following were the main modules of the Personal digital guide system:

  • Development of Personal Digital Guide software, including the mobile App
  • Netless Setup (Creation of a Wi-Fi Hotspot zone to which visitors will connect)
  • Production of artefact Videos
  • Networking and implementation of the Solution at each Museum
  • Maintaining the Personal Digital Guide System for a period of 1 year from the date of implementation.

Overview of past works

The Directorate of Uttar Pradesh Museum, under the Department of Culture, UP, manages the museums of Uttar Pradesh. The Major museum experiences powered through NETLESS are the State Lucknow museum, Government Museum Mathura and Government Buddha Museum, Gorakhpur.

  • The State Museum in Lucknow is the oldest and largest multipurpose museum of Uttar Pradesh, established in 1863. It has on display hundreds of antiquities and other exhibits. Its areas of acquisition include art and archaeology, paintings, manuscripts, numismatics, anthropology.
  • Govt. Buddha Museum Gorakhpur was established in 1987 but the present building came into existence in 1997.The museum's main aim is the collection, preservation, documentation, exhibition of the cultural property and to make them available for educational activities to create awareness about the glorious past. It show cases items like age old sculpture, figurines, terracotta items, beads etc. Most of the objects here are rare and priceless. Presently four galleries are on display in the museum. About 2023 pieces of metal and stone sculptures, terracotta, potteries, thankas, miniature paintings etc. have been displayed in the galleries.
  • The Government Museum, Mathura originally founded by F.S. Grouse in 1874, is today one of the leading centers for research, study and the preservation of Mathura‚Äôs splendid heritage of art. The museum housed in a fine octagonal, red sandstone building, located at Dampier Park, has the largest collection of Kushana sculptures in the country. The Mathura museum has also fine collections of stone sculpture and terracotta, gold, silver and copper coins, clay seals, ancient pottery, paintings and bronzes.


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