World’s first App for patient management and treatment with suspected Epilepsy with no access to local specialists

NetProphets, in collaboration with Dr Victor Patterson, the founder of Synapse Teleneurology, UK, have created two Mobile products: the Diagnostic App and the Treatment Management App, that allows healthcare workers in a remote village/region to be able to communicate with healthcare specialists for advice on managing treating Epilepsy.

The need for such products are particularly felt in regions like India, Africa, West-Asia and South America, for less-experienced doctors and healthcare workers to be able to communicate with distant specialists for management advice.

Our pioneering achievement in this field is significant for two reasons: one is the sheer absence of access to qualified healthcare practitioners and the second is the social stigma associated with the disease. Epilepsy in third world countries remains largely undiagnosed and untreated, mainly because of the lack of experienced doctors near where people live. Combined with the social stigma attached, it is not only a medical problem but also a social one.


The App builds on the episode diagnosis in our earlier app, the Epilepsy Diagnosis Aid, which determines the probability of an episode of altered consciousness being due to epilepsy or to other conditions which can mimic epilepsy. The Epilepsy Management Aid adds a number of other features:

  • seizure type determination
  • symptomatic seizure recognition
  • epilepsy type recognition
  • previous treatment and side-effects
  • previous investigations
  • suggested treatment if untreated
  • ability to message summary to a distant specialist

The important feature is that an intelligent summary can be messaged to a distant specialist who can then provide advice on management in a timely manner. The app has been developed in India, validated in Pakistan and is currently being trialled in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The apps usefulness is supported by evidence of its effectiveness with publication of results in peer-reviewed journals such as Seizure and Acta Epileptologica. You can write to us for full journal references.

We have trained health workers and less-experienced doctors on the usage of the App and have rolled it out in multiple languages across 4 (four) countries.

The Solution

  • A user-friendly mobile app that provides a medical record
  • This can be messaged to distant specialists for an opinion
  • Clear presentation
  • Records can be uploaded to a server
  • Records downloadable for analysis
  • Easy to use with a fast turnaround.
  • Multilingual, available in four languages


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