IT Policy

This IT Policy governs the use and security of computer systems, computer networks, personal and non-personal information, hardware, software and other information technology (IT) resources and infrastructure by any individuals or organizations working with NetProphets Cyberworks Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 having CIN U72900DL2000PTC105521 (NetProphets). The purpose of this IT Policy is to ensure that NetProphets’ IT resources are being accessed and utilized in a secure manner.


  • This IT Policy is applicable to all individuals and organizations including directors, senior managers, officers, employees (whether permanent, fixed-term or temporary), consultants, contractors, vendors, licensees and sub-licensees, trainees, interns, seconded staff, casual workers and agency staff, agents, or any other person associated with NetProphets and such other persons, including those acting on behalf of Netpropehts and, or, on behalf of a current / prospective client of NetProphets, or is otherwise concerned with the business operations of NetProphets, and all other visitors and users, authorized to access the NetProphets IT Infrastructure (the Users).
  • NetProphets’ IT Infrastructure for the purpose of this IT Policy includes:
    • All hardware issued by NetProphets to the Users and, or, made available on NetProphets’ premises for the access of the Users including inter alia desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile tablets, and any other similar devices, and all associated accessories including CPU, pen-drives, external hard-drives, keyboard, mouse; laptops and chargers; styli, microphones; remotes; projectors; smart boards for classrooms; Wi-Fi routers, dongles and any other technology for internet access; mobile phones; digital cameras; CCTV cameras, and any other internet enabled mobile devices;
    • All software made available by NetProphets to the Users, whether on NetProphets’ premises or via remote access including inter alia Microsoft OS, Office and Adobe software or freewares.
    • All official email addresses and domain registrations and login details issued by NetProphets, and accounts maintained with NetProphets by all or any of the Users, and the websites maintained by NetProphets. Services for same is taken by third party.
  • By accessing and using NetProphets’ IT infrastructure, the Users agree to the terms set out in this IT Policy and agree to be bound by the same.


  • NetProphets endeavors to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of its IT Infrastructure and the data stored on it and uses software and hardware technologies for the extant purpose.
  • Users are strictly restricted from making any attempt to gain unauthorized access, making any alterations or modifications, misusing, restricting or denying access to the IT Infrastructure of NetProphets or any other organization; or in any other manner using or accessing or enabling access to the IT Infrastructure of NetProphets other than as expressly authorized by the NetProphets.
  • NetProphets provides filtered and restricted internet access to the Users within its premises and maintains a record of all web-pages accessed by the Users on NetProphets’ IT Infrastructure.
  • NetProphets specifically prohibits access to the following within its office premises, whether or not gained through the NetProphets’ internet connection, and through its IT Infrastructure:
    • access to any inappropriate, pornographic, or obscene content and any other inappropriate content that may not be suitable for the workplace;
    • access to any gaming, dating, e-commerce, entertainment, gambling and, or social media websites and applications, otherwise than to the extent necessary for the purpose of engaging with the other Users and only to the extent as expressly authorized by NetProphets;
    • access to any such content on the internet that has been declared illegal, and, or, access to which has been blocked by a government order; and
    • access to any websites or applications that are specifically blocked by NetProphets.


  • NetProphets may issue devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, pen-drives and [keyboard, mouse and data cards etc] (the Devices) to select Users at its discretion and allow such Devices to be taken outside its premises by the Users subject to the terms of this IT Policy and their terms of employment and, or, association with NetProphets.
  • The Users may also remotely use and access the IT Infrastructure of NetProphets and interact with the other Users through their personal laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other Devices (Personal Devices) when NetProphets expressly allows it in writing and subject to the term of this IT Policy.
  • This IT Policy applies to any access or use of NetProphets’ IT Infrastructure, whether from within its premises or outside, whether made within or outside work hours, and whether made through Devices or Personal Devices.
  • The Devices can only be taken outside NetProphets’ premises with the express written consent of the NetProphets, and the User who is in possession of the Device is liable for any loss or damage caused to the Devices and IT infrastructure, which is in their custody including any theft, breach, damage, loss of data and, or device functionalities.
  • The Devices can only be used for the express purpose of NetProphets’ business, any use of a Device for personal purposes is explicitly prohibited.
  • NetProphets regularly monitors data uploaded and stored on the Devices and will not be responsible for any loss of any personal data or information you may have stored on a Device, whether or not such loss is attributable to an act or omission of NetProphets.
  • Personal Devices can only be used to access NetProphets’ IT Infrastructure or to interact with other Users in NetProphets’ premises when expressly permitted by NetProphets in writing, and subject to the terms of this IT Policy.
  • Users must ensure that the Personal Devices are in a suitable condition to as per the technical requirements of NetProphets, and the programs that are used by the User for the business of NetProphets.
  • Users may use their Personal Devices for personal communication and recreation, provided that such use of the Personal Devices in no manner adversely impacts the integrity and security of NetProphets’ IT Infrastructure.
  • NetProphets will not reimburse you for the cost of Personal Devices and will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to Personal Devices for any reason whatsoever.


  • Users may work remotely for any duration and for any reason deemed appropriate by NetProphets, and upon timely intimation being made to NetProphets.
  • Even when working remotely, the relevant Users will be expected to work during the working hours as set out in their engagement Letter/ Agreement.
  • NetProphets expects the relevant Users to follow the work schedule, meet deadlines for delivery, uphold the same quality standards, and maintain efficiency while working remotely. The performance of a User for services rendered remotely will be measured on the same standards and metrics that apply to work done from within NetProphets’ premises.
  • NetProphets understands that in some cases, the relevant Users may need to work remotely due to unforeseen reasons including inter alia sudden illness, bad weather, sudden unavailability of transport etc. In such events, Users must inform NetProphets that they are working remotely as soon as it becomes possible to do so.
  • NetProphets reserves the right to either accept or decline a request for working remotely under intimation to the relevant User.
  • NetProphets may also direct the Users to work remotely from any location as may become necessary from time to time.
  • If the Users are working remotely, they must keep the human resources personnel and NetProphets management informed of their location and any alternate contact details that may not already be available with NetProphets to enable NetProphets to reach out as and when required.
  • In the event that a User encounters any technical difficulty in their duties for NetProphets, they must reach out to the IT Administrator of NetProphets for technical support and assistance immediately.


  • NetProphets will set up an e-mail account for all Users, and each User is responsible for the protection of their account details and passwords, with restricted access and functionalities (E-mail Account) for the sole purpose of conducting the NetProphets’ business.
  • Users may not upload or share any obscene, vulgar, inappropriate, or illegal material on the E-mail Account, and cannot otherwise make any communication on the E-mail Account which is unsolicited and is not in furtherance of NetProphets’ business.
  • If a User receives any inappropriate, offensive, or illegal e-mail or invitation in their E-mail Account, they must immediately inform NetProphets’ IT Administrator whose contact details are provided at the end of this IT Policy. The e-mail in question should not be deleted until NetProphets is able to review, verify and take appropriate action against the culprit, and should in no event be forwarded to anyone other than as directed by NetProphets.
  • Users must not send or forward any inappropriate, offensive, upsetting, or illegal e-mails or invitations to other Users or third parties, including any chain-emails, e-mails containing content which is sexual in nature, communication which amounts to harassment or bullying whether on account of its content or volume, any commercial communication or advertisements, and any content which is false, incorrect or misleading, or any content meant to create panic or alarm among the Users.


  • The E-mail Account passwords should not be shared with anyone.
  • The Users must respect the privacy of others while using the NetProphets Infrastructure and the Devices, and must not record any audios, videos, take screenshots of, or forward any photographs, videos, audios, and any other private data or information of other individuals.


  • Users are strictly prohibited from sharing details of their E-mail Account, or any other credentials provided by NetProphets, and from trying to access the credentials of other individuals and sharing or providing access to the IT Infrastructure to any third-party.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any activity that is illegal under any applicable law for the time being in force on or through the IT Infrastructure or otherwise during any activity concerning NetProphets’ business.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from accessing, downloading, sharing, sending, or storing any text, images, video, or audio which contains content that is pornographic or obscene in nature, any, or any language which is offensive, degrading, or amounts to bullying or harassment, and any viruses, trojan horses, spyware and malware.
  • The users must not do any act or make any omission which has the effect of violating any legal rights of any person or entity whatsoever, including any intellectual property rights of any person, and must not install, upload, or share any pirated software or infringing software, or other infringing content on the IT Infrastructure.


  • Any User found in violation of this IT Policy will be subject to disciplinary action including inter alia suspension or termination as the case may be, and NetProphets reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against any User who is found in violation of this IT Policy.
  • NetProphets may update this IT Policy from time to time and we encourage you to periodically review this IT Policy for any updates. NetProphets will provide you a copy of the IT Policy as and when requested by you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this IT Policy or the IT Infrastructure, please contact the IT Administrator at:

    Name: IT team
    E-Mail ID:
    Phone No.: +91-120-4784999

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