Going paperless in offices with seamless administration, better resource management, and an improved work culture

Digital office solutions are the need of the current times. Particularly woke in introducing environmental sustainability and awareness, in the workplace. And today, with more and more offices adopting a hybrid model of working, organisations are anxiously working towards reducing the need for physical movement of files and memos.

Traditionally, Government enterprises in India have been slaves of paperwork. A lot of time is lost in just the tracking the files, sending and collection of files. MIETY made the pioneering initiatives to boost the adoption of e-governance solutions in public sector offices to improve process efficiencies by encouraging a digitally centered file movement, tracking and approval management systems.

NP E-OFFICE Solution

Towards this vision, NP has developed a digital office solution which is built as a flexible system by bringing together independent functions and systems under a single product to improve system transparency, accountability, time saver and a catalyst to improve government work culture and ethics.

Product Modules

  • e-File Management System : automates the processing of files and receipts. This includes creation of file movement as per workflow, tracking of the files and their management.
  • e-Leave Management System : Online leave application approval and leave records
  • e-Travel Management System : Online departmental tour and travel management including approval and settlement of advances
  • e- Messaging & collaboration Services : Online solution for internal /departmental messaging and communication
  • e- Repository Management System : Centralised document and record keeping of Policies/ Work Orders/Invoices and various other project documents
  • e-Property Return Information System Management : Digital solution for filing of Asset and Liability Declaration, as per Government of India guidelines.
  • e-Personnel Information Management System : Digital solution for employee record management including service book and transfer posting
  • e-Appraisal and Performance management System : Centralised e-filing of employee performance and conduction employee appraisals

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