Science Divine Foundation is committed to the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children, especially when it comes to education


Children Enrolled In Schools


Children Living In Safe Shelters


Children Received Healthy Meals

Campaign 1 - Increase donations and brand reach

Low brand awareness. High competition for the donating wallet. Donation sentiment still restricted in India.

Our Approach

  • Personalized headline for each campaign for continuity
  • Mobile responsive and user-friendly landing page
  • Optimized the landing page for a quicker response
  • Created multiple audiences for better results
  • Created high resolution and relevant images
  • Created multiple creatives and tested them on varied audiences
  • Started A/B testing with creatives
  • Added relevant content on the landing pages for a better user engagement.


Increase in Avg. Time Spent by 15%
Increase overall traffic on the website
Decrease in bounce rate
22 % Reduction in Exit Rate
Increase in donations

CAMPAIGN 2 - Technical issues. Structural problem. Decreased audience interaction on the landing page

Campaign Challenge

  • Pixel tracking issues.
  • Unstructured landing page with the banner issue.
  • Content relevancy issue on the landing page.
  • Landing page loading issue
  • Unrelenting keywords on the landing pages


  • Solved pixel tracking issues and tracked conversions
  • Targeted audience on the basis of Interest, Age Group, Demographics and more.
  • Structured campaigns and creatives approach
  • Better monitoring and strict mapping through tools like SEMRush, Google Analytics and Google speed test.