Mailing, data management and reporting of the global BBC Newsletter Service

As BBCWS Marketing, Audience and Communication (MC&A) user of NetProphets, in the capacity of producer of our monthly online Arabic E-Newsletter I can say that I found this company very reasonable and useful and the staff most helpful in accommodating our needs. I wish them every success.

Lily Al-Tai

BBC World Service Arabic

BBC World maintains two Program newsletters: News & Business Documentaries and Lifestyle Newsletters. Both list the programs on BBC World for the coming week, with short synopsis on each for viewers to read and plan when they would like to tune in to BBC World.

As a TV company, who's primary business is the serving of programs and getting people to watch them, the newsletters are core to BBC World and look to improve viewer ratings and customer satisfaction among the loyal BBC watchers.

In 2005, BBC World decided to outsource this service from its current technology partner in the UK to India.


Their main concerns, and reasons for selection of a new partner, were:

  1. Seamless transfer of their current processes. In other words, without missing a day in the weekly mailing.
  2. 100% accuracy in the Time Zone conversion of BBC programs to the Home Country of subscribers.
  3. Improvement in Subscription %, as a result of accurate mail relay.
  4. White labeling of the new server, and other anti spam-compliance processes.
  5. Mail Relay of a minimum number of mails within a specified time frame, to ensure that subscribers receive the BBCW newsletter on Friday mornings in most countries – thereby allowing for the highest viewership over the weekends.
  6. A trouble shooting and maintenance team in India, complying to the shortest, yet reasonable, deadlines and providing a dedicated work-day support to the BBC offices in London, UK.
  7. Ability to host in the UK, with all the security and compliance procedures according EU directives.


  1. NetProphets did not miss a single week of mailing, and the transfer went off seamlessly on the NP system/software.
  2. No bugs reported during the 5 year old relationship.
  3. Consistent increases in the Subscriber base, each month.
  4. New features and reporting structures continually added.
  5. BBC Trade Newsletter added to the System in 2007.
  6. In April 2009 NP won the pitch to consolidate all BBCW Email Marketing including the Arabic Newsletter.
  7. Relationship now 5 years old.
  8. Dedicated Project/Support Team.