Mobile Application Development

With a steady and rapid growth in use of smartphones, India is one of the top countries that is leading this digital revolution. When is comes to mobile app development, Indian developers are regarded highly due to the vision and innovations they bring to the table while creating a mobile version of a product or service.

Netprophets is a mobile applications development company that strives to provide customers with robust mobile apps with incredible user interfaces and smooth, unparalleled user experience. We believe that customer is the most significant factor while developing a customized mobile app. Whatever be your vision, requirements and expectations, our team of experts transform them into a smooth workable interface on any mobile platform.

Why Opt for Netprophets?

  • ✓ Advanced Tools and Software -

    Netprophets Cyberworks Pvt. Ltd. partners with companies that produce advanced tools and software related to the social media and digital marketing industries, which we use to build our apps.

  • ✓ Expertise -

    Netprophets has a full professional team of digital marketing experts, social media influencers, creative writers and designers, who are experienced in the nuances of UI and UX.

  • ✓ Cost Benefit -

    Many clients of Netprophets have run a cost benefit analysis prior to deciding whether to opt for an agency solution or an internal solution for their mobile application requirements. The analysis done by these clients show that the investment for retaining Netprophets as their long-term partner is far more cost effective than the alternative.

  • ✓ Robust Performance -

    Netprophets has an established reputation for developing superior quality and robust mobile apps that continuously deliver high performance.

Netprophets Mobile App Development Services

iPhone App Development

Netprophets has an experienced team of iPhone app designers and developers, who shoulder the entire responsibility of making the app throughout the development cycle - from start till delivery. Since 2010, our company has been providing iPhone app development services to our clients and customers. Our developers and experts always consider the features preferred by customers. The apps are built keeping in mind ease of use and smooth work flow.

Android App Development

NetProphets is one of the top android app development companies in India. We have successfully developed a plethora of android apps on different platforms such as: Android ICS, Android KitKat, Android Lollipop as well as others. NP has a highly skilled team of Android UX/UI designers, developers and testers. If you have any type of app idea, we will transform it into a high-performing, dynamic reality.

iPad App Development

Netprophets is one of the best iPad app development companies known for building high-performance iPad applications. Our team of designers and developers at NP is highly skilled and well qualified. Netprophets has developed many category iPad apps for different businesses like e-commerce, education, travel etc. Our professional experts are highly dedicated and always ensure to deliver beyond expectations.

iPad Web Development

There is a high demand for iPad web development because its has good connectivity and an amazingly smooth browser capability. It is easy to work with an iPad but the development process is not that simple. NP has dedicated experts who have knowledge of advance web architecture, which they use to design and develop the iPad web apps with cross-browser compatibility.

Mobile App Maintenance

NetProphets provides reliable and professional app development and maintenance services in India. For mobile app maintenance, we provide end to end support and take care of every problem like bug fixation, solving code errors, extension or modification of features, adequate support at the operational level, app store management and reporting.

Hire iPhone Developer

We are a leading company in the market for iPhone app development. Our company has a dedicated iPhone app developing team with experts who are skilled in quality app development & programming, custom app development and UX/UI designing. Our developers have a good knowledge of different industry apps like education, travel, entertainment, e-commerce, gaming etc.

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Our Services

Some of Our Mobile App Development


Sharable is a File Sharing platform developed and patented by NP. The application has been created for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Tablets, Windows and Mac platforms. The App easily transfers files and folders between different platforms over a WiFi or hotspot connection. The App is live on all stores.

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Mobile TV and Video-on-Demand

Stay connected with your favorite programs on TV or get the best of video-on-demand while you are on the move. NP Mobile's TV and On-Demand Video platform makes it possible for everyone to access these services. With our multi-platform service running on mobile browsers (WAP), iPhone and Android now you can get your subscribers to benefit from the wider 3G pipe on mobile.

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Stretch HD

This App is the first of a series of Video Apps developed for an Australian client. Developed for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, it enables users to perform stretching exercises for each body part. The App uses short videos and texts to guide users on how to perform stretches and exercise each body part. Specific routines for usage and age are a part of the App.

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Epilepsy Diagnosis Calculator

This App enables health workers in the field to determine, if a patient is suffering from Epilepsy or not. Developed over proprietary algorithm by a renowned Irish Doctor, the App also updates relevant data to a server location which could then be viewed and analyzed by a team of medical experts. Hugely relevant for countries like India, Apps such as these are changing the information landscape.

Ktext Secure SMS Application

Phone messaging using SMS is used extensively by people around the world. Inherently the current SMS infrastructure and applications are not secure and can be hacked very easily. We felt that a need existed for a private and secure SMS channel, where people could send, receive and store sensitive information using the underlying SMS infrastructure. Our product Ktext addresses this issue and uses the regular SMS infrastructure to transmit secure messages.

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