Have You Heard of Apple Pencil, Let Have it in Detail?

Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil is a gadget that was developed to increase the versatility of touch screens. As the name suggests, it resembles a pencil and is used for almost the same purpose. This item is made specifically for the iPad Pro and since its inception, it has significantly improved precision. It is easy to use and feels familiar even to a first time user, because of its resemblance to the ordinary pencil.

How will you benefit from owning it?

As opposed to other drawing tools, Apple pencil is an improvement of many other creative tools, but the most impressive feature about it is the reduced latency. Latency, in this case, refers to the time between when the tip of the pen touches the screen and when the writing appears, and this is almost instant with apple pencil. This pen is hyper sensitive to tilt and pressure, making it easier to be creative by using different line sizes and creating shadows by shading without having to put in an extra effort.

The gadget has a small weight of around 20 grams, a length of 175mm and 9mm in diameter passing it as a very limited gadget with enormous benefits; according to the latest tech news. It is connected to the iPad Pro either via a lightning connector or Bluetooth. Besides this, the cap is magnetically attached making sure it does not fall off leaving the power input port exposed.

What is it exactly for?

This item was not developed just for artists but for all technology lovers because it has a broad range of applications. First, it can be used to navigate the iPad Pro screen. It includes scrolling, opening applications and links and navigating through the different screens and pages. The most exciting part of this function is the fact that it works even with apps that were not originally developed for the iPad. It works the same way the finger works and saves the user from using their fingers tips, especially when eating or when the hands are engaged in any other way. It also allows for long presses and can as well be used to open pages in a new tab and also delete unwanted applications.

Secondly, the Apple Pencil can be used to type, and this includes entering passwords to unlock the screen. Once you get acquainted with this gadget, it becomes a life saver since it allows you to type on your touchscreen even when your hands are wet or dirty. You can compose text messages, enter URL addresses and initiate searches on the App store. Besides the Apple keyboard, Apple pencil can be used on any other keyboards and will work perfectly, just like your fingers would.

The other critical feature of the Apple pencil is that it can be charged using a regular lightning cable. Frequently it is meant to be charged while connected to the iPad Pro during regular use. For better adaptability, however, it comes to an extra cable that allows it to be charged directly from the power source. It is convenient because once it is fully charged it will not consume power from the iPad meaning, the iPad will stay on for a longer time.

This next feature will excite anyone who is into drawing and creating art. The Apple Pencil allows you to trace on paper from the iPad’s screen. It is done by placing a computer paper on top of the screen and drawing on it, adjusting the screen’s light to accommodate a thicker paper. This feature makes the Apple pencil more or less like a leaded pencil only that for this case, the rear end does not have an eraser. The eraser function must be contained in the drawing apps in which case the pencil can be used to select and apply.


From this, we can conclude that the Apple pencil is tech lifesaver, but cannot be without some setbacks. First, it is not possible to use it to perform multi fingers gestures such as zooming in and out or switching apps. It, therefore, means that as far as touch screens are concerned, the role played by your fingers cannot be entirely replaced. Another major setback is the fact that the Apple pencil cannot be used with older versions of iPads and iPhone. The iPad pro’s display is made to differentiate between fingers and the Apple pencil and adjust the latency accordingly.

Finally, it cannot be used with edge gestures such as swiping the screen top to bottom to access notifications and settings, though there is no much explanation to this. It is also not possible to multi-task between two or more screens. Switching between screens must be done using the good old fingertips. The advantages, however, outweigh the disadvantages making the Apple Pencil a must have for all iPad pro users.


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