Crucial Tips for Effective Web Designing

If you are thinking of designing and developing a website for your company, it is quite a big challenge. There are certain basic things that you need to know when developing a website, such as website layout, eye-catching points, call-to-action concepts, page navigation, website loading speeds, where to use Flash, JS, CSS, and many more. Read on to learn a few good tips and tricks that will prove very helpful in building an ideal website with an excellent user experience.

The following are some tips and tricks for converting website visitors into customers and increasing your conversion rate:

  1. Website Layout: In online business, website layout is very crucial because the first impression is the last impression. The website layout should be attractive and user-friendly, with catchy and colourful content.

  2. Few Seconds Rules: In today’s age, everyone wants to get things done in as little time as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to design the website in such a way that it displays the most important information with the least amount of navigation. This is called the Few Seconds Rule. If a user sees too many confusing options or very little information, it is likely that he will exit the website. Therefore, a website has only a few seconds to convert the user into a customer.

  3. User-friendly Navigation: Menu navigation is another important part of web design. Simple navigation reduces user confusion and increases engagement as well as the conversion rate. If you use 3–4-tier navigation, it may be a good experience for some users, while other users who do not have good mouse experience may find it difficult. This can lead to a loss of user base and traffic.

  4. A Business-like Colour Palette A pleasing and relevant colour combination is vital in website design. While choosing the colours, ensure that they are of a formal, business-like nature that is relevant to what the website offers. Always try to use natural photos on your website with high quality and a small image size.

  5. Always Remember SEO Concepts: Whenever you start designing a website, it is advisable to consult an SEO expert or have basic knowledge of SEO parameters like H tags, header tags, alt tags, URL structure, etc.

  6. Don’t Use Long Page Forms: When you design a sign-up/checkout or an inquiry/”request a quote’” form, ensure that you do not build a very long form as users may lose patience trying to fill it and leave the website mid-way.

  7. Don’t Use Flash: Never use flash on a website because devices like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch do not support Flash. Also, Google does not index Flash. Other issues may arise, such as high loading times, low conversion rates, and a high bounce rate.

  8. Integrate Social Media: By using social media, you can build loyalty among your customers and create brand value since most people use social media. Social media platforms help to establish your business presence and increase your brand visibility.

  9. Website Performance: When your website is ready to go live, make sure that you check the website speed, server loading speed, and its performance. This is essential because website bounce rates and conversion rates will increase or decrease depending on the website’s performance.

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