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In the recent past, we have seen the rise of social media platforms. Less than a decade ago, there were fewer communication platforms as compared to today. From Viber, Twitter, and WhatsApp all the way to Facebook, there is just no stopping when it comes to this field.

From technology news, we can see that every day, there is an application being launched with better functionality, delivering much better services and performance. The only downside is that most are targeted at a specific group of users, and some don’t last for long. It may be specifically for Android phones or Microsoft’s Windows phones. One of the applications that have been launched in the recent past is Peach. It is compatible with iPhones, which are made by the Apple company.

What is Peach?

Peach is one of the latest apps, with the latest version having been launched on January 12, 2016. It is a social media messaging app for iOS. Peach incorporates most of the services that are offered by social media platforms, such as sharing locations, photos, videos, animated GIFS, messaging, identifying songs, etc. It is taking the Internet by storm, with most people hopeful that it is not a wannabe application but rather an app that is here to stay and deliver. The brain behind this application is Don Hofmann. He is also the co-founder of Twitter’s Vine, a popular video platform. Most iPhone users are embracing this latest tech news, with the likes of Taylor Swift taking the lead.

The Good
Peach enables one to perform tasks by simply typing commands. For instance, you type the word “draw.” A drawing tool comes up where you can draw pictures and funny sketches with your finger. Few applications will offer you such functionality. It is seen as a blend of Twitter and Slack applications. Peach quickly rose to the top of the iPhone App Store download charts after its release. This can be attributed to the hype that was on social media. This latest app allows users to be creative in their own way. Just like poking on Facebook, this app allows users to blow kisses, wave, give a piece of cake (how sweet), and boop. Booping seems to be what everyone is doing so far.

The Bad
One of the issues that has arisen is that it doesn’t link with applications such as Facebook. This means that you can’t share content in Peach on other social media platforms. It doesn’t incorporate re-tweeting, re-sharing, or hashtags, which are quite a disappointment for Twitter lovers. The users have friends (just like Facebook) that “like” and comment on their posts. It doesn’t allow unreciprocated following, although most posts will be visible if the username of a given user is known. Sorry stalkers! Another thing to note is that it lacks a continuous social feed.

The Ugly
As much as you will be able to view when one of your friends posts something, you have to click on their streams to view it. The feeds appear from the latest to the oldest. There is a concern that this feature consumes too much time. Finding friends on this app is quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have them in your contact list. Another rising concern is that it doesn’t have a verification mechanism to ensure fake accounts are not created. It hasn’t been in use for more than a month, and already it’s filled with fake accounts and anonymous ones. Being one of the latest apps in the world of technology, this is quite a disappointment.

Future Prospects
Although Peach seems to be a great app, whether it will survive in the competitive world of social media remains unclear. It may be the next Periscope, the next big thing. On the other hand, it may become another Ello, receive much love from tech media, and then fail miserably. Let’s give it time, as it was only released a week ago. A lot can happen in the near future. We hope that it will survive, considering it’s founded by Don Hofmann. Either way, it will require some improvements to ensure that it delivers its services effectively and that its security is improved. Other versions compatible with other operating systems, such as Windows and Android, also need to be released.

Peach, as a social media application for iPhone users, can be said to be one of the latest apps to watch out for. Looking at the latest technology news, if it survives, it will be one of the greatest innovations ever made. The ability to incorporate the functionalities of most applications into a single app cannot go unnoticed. Competition is, however, stiff, and its survival rates are declining day by day. There is much that needs to be done to ensure that it doesn’t fail. Let’s see how this one goes.
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