How to Make a Trending Topics in Social Media by Hashtag

Come trending time and everyone wants to know what is going on in the different social media spheres whether it is a company or brand or even a personal account. Everyone spends time on social media but the way different people use the different platforms vary. Hashtags, as we know, is the new trend. Nowadays everyone uses hashtags in social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc. However, not everyone knows the importance or benefit of using a hashtag or even the right way to use it for maximum effectiveness. The piece talks about hashtags, how to use them properly and their significance.

About Hashtag
Hashtag is fundamentally the # symbol followed by a word or phrase (without spaces) that gives the readers a context for the post. The use of hashtags in social media makes it easier to find similar posts or relevant information. The #hashtag is usually appended at the end of a post.
Hashtags do the following:

  • Specify Content
  • Encourage social media users to explore posts or collated content
  • Inform us of whats trending (if the same hashtag is being used by millions at time, it becomes a trending topic)
  • Allow users to use creative hashtags to their posts
  • Help to associate posts with specific topics

In the current scenario, social media platforms have become extremely popular and hashtag help people to access and collect information more quickly. Hashtags help users to easily segregate information and trending topics and posts.

How to Use #Hashtags

  1. Add the hashtag (# symbol) at the beginning of any word or phrase.
  2. Don’t add too many words in the hashtag.
  3. Never add too many hashtags in single tweet or post
  4. Always add hashtags in the post that is relevant to the topic or tweet.

Where to Use

  • In Online Document publication
  • In Communication highlight tweet
  • In Special Offers
  • In Retweets and Replies
  • In Trending topics, articles or events
  • In Question and Answers
  • In Celebratory/Congratulatory posts or tweets
  • In Personal Updates, thoughts etc.

Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags are to easy to use. They not only help you find relevant posts, content or information but also allow you to find and connect with relevant users who are interested in your posts or topics. It allows users to obtain lots of data and different posts on any topics they search for. Hashtags also assist in finding user interests in certain specific locations.

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