E-commerce Website Development

The recent decade has witnessed a massive proliferation of e-Commerce Websites. In fact, so powerful is the trend, that traditional brick and mortar stores have started feeling the heat in a very big way.

However, as part of this trend, what has also surfaced is intense competition among e-Commerce Websites to stand out and be counted. As important as the wares on your website, is the design and functionality that uniquely identifies your website. So how do you identify the ideal development agency for your e-Commerce Website that can deliver the goods?

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We have been into the business of e-Commerce Websites ever since the concept virtually took off. Across the last decade, we have developed e-Commerce sites for various genres such as fashion, travel and E-learning.

While delivering robust and functional e-Commerce deliverables to our clients, we have kept high our learning quotient and what we offer you today is a pool of skills and expertise built over many years and projects.

99% is not enough

e-Commerce Websites are all about money. Nothing less that 100% is acceptable in terms of accuracy and functionality. Adjudged as the Most Promising Web Applications Development Company in Noida at the Business and Service Excellence Awards Event 2013, NetProphets ensures that our clients always receive this 100% assurance of quality.

It’s the overall experience that counts

Just as in real world retail, an online shopping website needs more than just good merchandise to be a hit among customers. Right from good design and easy search to a robust payment system and easy checkout, the user experience with the website is not complete until the merchandise actually reaches the customer premises.

It is therefore essential for your e-Commerce Website Development Company to be sensitive to these requirements and possess the expertise to cater to the finer aspects of the online shopping website.

Better reporting equals better decision making

The importance of reporting cannot be overemphasized in case of online shopping websites as each piece of data is crucial to profitability. Our backend engine provides you a ready snapshot of each important facet of your e-Commerce Website including buyer profile, top searches, best selling products and SKU status reports.

We also offer you the services of our analytics team that can translate this data into actionable information by performing Shopping Behavior Analysis, Checkout Behavior Analysis and Product Performance Analysis among others.