A SaaS platform for Insurance companies in South Africa, covering Life, Unit Trust and Funeral insurance

We find it a pleasure to work with Netprophets because of the ease with which they understand our requirements and even improve on them. The solutions they have delivered to us has made running our business so much easier. They are a dependable business partner.

Kishore Doodnath

Founder, Serenity Life and Insurance

Serenity Life and Wealth is one of the leading financial services brokerage based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It specializes in providing its clients with low cost life insurance products currently in the funeral policy market. The company is also developing low cost savings products to fill a gap in the South African market for savings products in the entry level market which it plans to introduce in 2014.

Problem Statement

In order to provide its clients with an efficient and quick service, Serenity Life and Wealth wanted to have a customized solution to manage its businesses.

Solution Description

What is Marathon Client Care System?

Marathon Client Care System is a web based Policy / Unit Trust management platform, allowing for the effective management and fully control of insurance / Unit trust businesses for Serenity Life and Wealth.

NetProphets built this customized platform for Serenity Life and Wealth after a thorough study of their business processes.

Highlights of the Platform

Marathon Client Care System is primarily for administration of three types of products / policies / unit trust plans (mutual funds) i.e.:

  • Funeral policies
  • Life insurance policies
  • Unit trust investments (mutual funds)

The platform is designed to proficiently perform the insurance and investment functions such as underwriting, policy administration, claims management, unit trust plans administration etc. as per the business requirement of  Serenity Life and Wealth.

The platform is based on a multi-layered security infrastructure that restricts unauthorized intrusions by controlling access to menus and functions.

The integrated modules like scheme administrator/operator setup available under the system owner shall allow user to capture information related to funeral policy details, life cover policy details and unit trust plans.


Marathon Client Care System developed by NetProphets renders following benefits:

  • The platform has allowed Serenity Life and Wealth to handle their core business through a web based system where a robust architecture has basically improved their productivity and lowered the operational cost.
  • The platform provides the facility where the policy document which containsthe information like insurance details, policy wordings etc, gets automatically attached to the policy with all required details. This saves the time of management, underwriters and users.
  • The platform has the feature where large amount of data can be imported and exported securely through import utility.
  • The platform provides completely automated claims processing.
  • The platform does verification of South African citizen using an ID validation.
  • The platform has all required Advanced MIS reports for Administrators.