Comprehensive CRM system for this telecom business covering all phases of Customer Association Cycle

NetProphets had developed the CRM System for our Broadband Services, with interfaces with the Billing System, our webportal. Netprophets’s extensive experience in developing CRM Systems and its interfaces, and their expertise in following a systemic approach, enabled us to define the Functional Requirements very accurately, and get a system ready for use in record time.

Puneesh Singla

Head - Information Systems,
Nextra Teleservices

Nextra is an emerging world-class Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing internet services to both Business and Home segments using Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber to the Neighbourhood (FTTN), Copper and Wireless media.

Problem Statement

  1. Nextra has a wide customer base across National Capital Region of Delhi which is growing at a fast rate and managing this rapidly growing customer base with little or no automation was a huge challenge.
  2. Although basic MIS and reporting was available, managing analytical needs of the business users without adequate process automation and thus the absence of required transactional data was a challenge.
  3. Finance/Sales Teams could not plan collections in a synchronized fashion as planning and execution was not supported by automation.
  4. Delivering services provided by Nextra required collaboration with multiple Business Partners, Network Partners and Service Partners. Managing these multiple partnersto deliver services in a time bound manner was impossible as business did not have any visibility into vendor performance trends.
  5. Attempts to implement off-the-shelf and bespoke CRM solutions failed due to complex nature of the process involved.

Solution Description

What is Nextra-CRM?

Nextra-CRM is a custom built platform for Nextra that implements business processes and manages business operations from Lead Generation to Customer Servicing and Collections.

NetProphets has built this custom platform for Nextra after a thorough study of Nextra's business processes which were then redefined to weed out gaps and to arrive at a workable process baseline.

Highlights of the Platform

  1. Lead Management and Customer Acquisition will be automated.
  2. Flexible Architecture – Faster adaption to Process Changes
  3. Transactional & Analytical Reporting
  4. Integration with Billing and Financial Systems
  5. Operations Support System