Development of an IPTV platform for digital TV service in Delhi NCR, along with EPG design, powering up live channels, content on demand and value added services for this brand

We chose Netprophets for developing the TV User Interface for our IPTV Services and integrating it with IPTV Middleware, Billing System and CRM System. This was perhaps the first such project for Netprophets. Yet, we proceeded as we had seen Netprophet’s ability to understand and deliver, on a low capability STB processor, a stunning interface, with never-seen-before features & user level customizations, without compromising on the need for near zero waiting/ processing time from a customer experience perspective. We went on to win laurels for the UI that got delivered within the promised time.

Kapil Dev Kumar

Chief Operating Officer, MyWay IPTV

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.

Problem Statement

MyWay started the IPTV service by Seachange Middleware system and wanted to develop the desired User Interface System for the STB (Set up Box) for the end users. It was a big challenge to understand the complete middleware system and the working of STB for development of new UI, development of various applications like payment portal, IVR service, Messaging and Third party web application integration.

One other challenging and tricky thing was to make the UI system smooth and very fast, that was completely dependent on the Multicast System (A part of middle ware) which was used to populate the data on UI. It was very slow in response and affected the UI performance. We understood the multicast system in detail and stand our system in front after the deep observation to provide the better result.

After successful deployment of UI system, we got another requirement to develop and integrate the Facebook, Twitter and Gmail on TV. It was very interesting and tough job.

Solution Description

What is MyWay IPTV?

MyWay IPTV is a television service launched by Smart Digivision Pvt Ltd on BSNL and MTNL network to serve the Live TV, Video on Demand (VOD), Time shifted Television (TSTV) and Personal recording.

Netprophets started the R&D to know the capability and working of the Setup Box (STB) by doing some small application development, document knowledge within a couple of weeks and deployed the UI system with Live TV, VOD, IServices (Third party web applications integration),My zone section(User billing information and TV package information) within 3 months from starting. It was really a wonderful and excellent job done by Netprophets as per the Client and middleware company testimonial.

After UI system deployment, we developed and integrated many applications like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, widgets, STB messaging and many other applications.


  • High Quality Transmission with richer Audio and Video Quality.
  • Less prone to rain or other atmospheric interferences and delivers a far superior TV viewing experience than normal cable television.
  • A wide range of TV programming, VOD Services.
  • TSTV provides the facility to watch seven days auto recorded program.
  • User can also record their programs in external storage.
  • Can check mail, Interaction with friends by social media.


  • Successfully deployment of the application.
  • Have confidence to develop any type of supported application on STB for IPTV.