Development of a comprehensive ERP system along with Business Process Consulting, comprising PoS, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management, HR and Financial systems

NP and we have worked together since 2003. They have been instrumental in growing our business by delivering innovative solutions.

Charu Sharma

Director, Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Fabindia is one of the leading retailers of India dealing in apparel, home furnishings, personal care and organic food products. Fabindia has 172 retail outlets across the country and achieved a turnover of 570 crores last year.

Problem Statement

  1. Fabindia has a supplier base of 150,000 artisans and workers across the country and managing this vendor base with little or no automation was a huge challenge.
  2. With 250,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), managing inventories and optimizing stock levels at each location was a big ask.
  3. Although basic MIS and reporting was available, managing analytical needs of the business users without adequate process automation and thus the absence of required transactional data was a challenge.
  4. Product Teams could not plan collections in a synchronized fashion as planning and execution was not supported by automation.
  5. Dealing with artisans and weavers also hampered the predictability of stock situation as delays in deliveries were a norm rather than exceptions.
  6. Fabindia could not ensure presence of perennial items across all retail outlets at any given point in time. With the kind of breadth of offerings from Fabindia, driving processes without proper automation was simply impractical.
  7. Fabindia tried to implement an ERP solution (MoveX) as well as a custom built solution from Wipro Technologies but both the automation endeavours failed and Fabindia had to revert back to age old software the organization had been using since 1990.

Solution Description

What is FabConnect?

FabConnect is a custom built platform for Fabindia that manages entire operations of the organization related to Production, Retail and Supply Chain Management

NetProphets built this custom platform for Fabindia after a thorough study of business processes which were then redefined to weed out gaps and to optimize for resources required. The finalized processes were first put into practice, tweaked as per learning and then automated completely via this platform.

Highlights of the Platform

  1. All core Retail and Supply Chain Processes are Automated
  2. Flexible Architecture – Faster adaption to Process Changes
  3. Transactional & Analytical Reporting
  4. Integration with HR and Financial Systems